Apr 26 2014

Injury Insurance Claims

Insurance claims may seem to be straight forward but you should remember that the insurance company is not out to pay claims. You might consider insurance assessors to help guide you through insurance claims and to ensure you get what you are entitled to. A loss assessor is a professional who can help you with the small print of the insurance policy.

Apr 26 2014

Feeling Anxious?

In today’s world of constant “to do lists” and running around feeling anxious is a common problem. Everyone needs to learn good stress management London to help get through difficult and busy times. If you ever feel like you can’t seem to get ahead of the anxiety, a psychologist london can help with anxiety treatment London.

Apr 06 2014

Diabetic Foot Care

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For diabetic foot care tips check out Diabetes Brampton. Check out the Diabetes Centre Brampton for your Diabetes Education Brampton.

Mar 26 2014

Massage Therapy or Physiotherapy?

Chiropractor LondonHow about both? Physiotherapy  works well in conjunction with massage therapy as relaxed muscles move easier. Visiting a Chiropractor such as AIM Health Group after a massage is also helpful, for the same reason.

Those who regularly visit massage therapists often ask whether or not yoga will decrease their chronic lower back pain. There are many articles based on the benefits of yoga, but there was one that was done in the UK that claimed to be the largest study to ever research the benefits of yoga. The study spoke in great depth about the idea that yoga, paired with all of the usual treatments for lower back pain, could lead to a definite improvement in the level of pain.

Those that were responsible for the study set up twelve classes in a full program in order to study adults with chronic lower back pain. It was offered to beginners that had never done any yoga before in their life, and it lasted for three months. Videos from this program were used in the study in order to further back up their claims.

Some believe that, due to this information, yoga trainers should be retrained in order to specialize in specific region so that they can better help their clients. For instance, those who go to yoga to help ease their lower back pain should be able to find someone who can help with that specific topic instead of a generalized and traditional kind of yoga that doesn’t really help them with their pain.

Mar 11 2014

Are you plagued by the pain of Plantar Fasciitis?

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Many people suffer from Plantar Fasciitis and there are many things that can help. Check with your Podiatrist for custom made orthotics in Windsor, and check out the video below!

Jan 31 2014

Buy New Shoes

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Buy Orthopaedic Shoes

Always take care of your health first! Ottawa clinic Health First Wellness can help keep you and your feet in top shape!

Whether or not your orthopaedic shoes need to be replaced is a difficult question to answer. Everyone has different wear patterns in their shoes and they all use them differently. Usually, the deciding factor is whether or not the shoe looks like it’s something that can be worn again. If it looks beaten and worn, then people generally think that it needs to be replaced. That’s just common sense, for the most part. Still, there are shoes that look like they still have some wear left in them that are actually better left in the trash. A shoe can look completely brand new on the outside and be completely decimated on the inside.

Here’s a few quick pointers that should help you decide whether or not your shoes need to be replaced:

  1. Just like the paragraph above stated, if it looks worn out, it probably is.
  2. Think about custom foot orthotics and how long you’ve had the shoes. The materials that come together to make a shoe can wear down from time, so even if you don’t get to wear them very often, if they’re old, the shoes might need to be thrown out. If you take the show and twist and bend it and cracks and holes appear in the show, that is a sign of old age. Another sign of aging is discoloration.
  3. If you’ve worn the shoe a lot, especially if they’re running shoes, you might have worn out the insides. Usually, a shoe lasts for about five hundred miles worth of walking (or 800 km). Anything above that and you probably need to look for new shoes.
  4. Put the shoes on, if they used to be comfortable but they suddenly aren’t, then you probably want to get rid of them. Discomfort is a sign that something is wrong, take heed.
  5. If all else fails, you can bring your shoes to a shoe store, shoe maker, or a Certified Orothotist. They’ll be able to give you a more definitely answer.

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Jan 28 2014

Cosmetic Dentistry

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There’s no better time to make resolutions in order to better your life than around the new year. It’s a time that inspires the desire to improve and to better yourself. If one of tDentist Port St Lucie he things that you look back on and want to change is your smile, then the new year might be a good time to consider improving it with cosmetic dentistry. Contact Town Centre Dental in Port St Lucie, they can help you make sure your smile looks great! There are many dentists that offer cosmetic dentistry options, some of them even specialize in it specifically. All of them offer a variety of treatment options that can be customized and are designed to help you find happiness in the aesthetics of your smile and improve oral health.

Simple Cosmetic Dentistry
For example, those how have completely healthy and symmetrical teeth with a little bit of discoloration can find a dentist that will offer them a teeth whitening sessions. Porcelain veneers are perfect for those who have small dental imperfections that they would like a quick and easy fix for. They’re the first choice for unevenly spaced or chipped teeth.
Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry
Dentures are the first option for those who have missing teeth, but they’re not for everyone. Those who want something that’s more durable and aesthetically pleasing go for dental implants. These are meant to completely replace teeth in every way, and will function and look just like normal, natural teeth.Braces are one of the first options that are mentioned for those who suffer from dental conditions like gapped teeth, underbites, overbites, or crowded teeth, but there is another option. Invisalign is a clear, plastic retainer that works in the same way that braces do, without the pesky mouth full of metal.There are many other reasons to visit a dentist for cosmetic denstristy, these are just a few of them. There are many different kinds of cosmetic dentristry that can be customized and designed to suit whatever your dental goals are – whether it be for cosmetic purposes or oral health.

Jan 24 2014

Barefoot Running

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Make sure you get your feet and gait checked by a foot specialists before engaging in any high impact exercise.

The latest craze in running shoes seems to be the new designs that emulate the shape of the foot exactly.Shoes such as the Vibram Five Finger or the New Balance Minimus capitalize on this fad, that apparently was born when Christopher McDougall published a book called “Born to Run”, which is based on the premise that our feet are naturally designed for running, and commercial shoes do more harm than good by modifying the way our feet naturally move during high impact activity.

While some people have trained all their lives to run with minimal shoes, is it really worth doing that, and does it provide any actual benefit over running in commercial footwear? The short answer is no. While our feet are indeed naturally designed to function without any covering, they are also designed with very little padding around the heel and arch area to sustain and absorb shock. And while the motion performed during the various stages of our gait cycle helps mitigate some of that shock, it is not nearly enough. The reason for this is simple. Back in a time when humans were running barefoot, they also had very short lifespans. As such, there was never any need for the foot to adapt for durability over 7 or 8 decades of life.This is in fact why people who wear improper footwear often suffer the consequences later in their life.That being said, there is a part of the research in the book that is true. Podiatrists have known for a long time that commercial footwear is often damaging because of the height of the heel.

Often with running shoes, there is a lot of padding or shock absorption material added to the heel, and it became a bit of race of “who can stuff the most material under the heel”.This might sound good in theory, because less shock means less heel pain, right? But in reality, it redirects the pressure into the ball of the foot and the toe box, which can lead to serious problems like bunions or plantar fasciitis. So what is the middle ground? Either we must buy sensible shoes that provide just enough shock absorption without overdoing, or we have to adjust our shoes through the use of orthotics or footpads that can help lessen the strain.

Jan 24 2014

Heel Pain Using Physiotherapy

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Heel pain can be one of the most debilitating podiatric problems because the heel is constantly sustaining the shock and pressure of walking when our full weight gets distributed on contact with the ground.Most heel pain happens due to excessive effort or wearing shoes that are not fit for your foot’s shape and size. That is where physiotherapy comes to play.

People that are overweight also tend to suffer from heel pain due to the foot having to sustain more pressure then usual.The human heel bone, or the calcaneus, is designed to absorb shock during the motion we know as pronation, when the foot naturally elongates and is fully flat against the ground. It works in tandem with the plantar fascia, which is the part of the foot supporting the arch. Physiotherapy ottawa works for many people.

As such, heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis is usually worse than other conditions, and is especially acute after long periods of sitting, or right in the morning, before the foot starts to warm up.Treating heel pain needs to follow a few guidelines. The first one should always be wearing comfortable shoes that are fit for your feet and don’t cause any friction or pressure at the heel or the toe box. As our feet are our main locomotion device, we need to be mindful of how we care for them and it’s worth looking into orthotics as a means to relieve pain.

Stretching and warm up exercises are also a great way to treat heel pain because tightness of the muscles and tendons contribute greatly to the overall pressure applied to the heel. It will help to maintain your overall health as well, so a bit of exercise is always a good idea. Weight also has a significant impact and, if possible, losing a few pound can give your feet some much needed relief. However, pain in the feet can limit activities that help with weight loss, and as such, can hinder your progress by their very nature. One important thing to keep in mind as well is that, while the advice above will benefit you, it is never a substitute for good medical advice given by a professional, and you should always consult a podiatrist for the best course of action, especially if the pain is severe.